Refund and Cancellation

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Payments, Cancelation and Refund Process

It would be ideal if you take note of that all costs are liable to affirmation at the season of booking. Upon your composed affirmation (either by email, fax or letter) and receipt of the right payment, the agreement in the middle of you and travel agent company should become effective and be lawfully binding. If there should arise an occurrence of cancelation of visit/travel administrations because of any reason, the travel agent must be informed in written. Cancellation of the tour will be allowed inside of mentioned days of visit booking with certain measure of derivation charges or as per the terms and conditions under travel agent’s policy. We hold no responsibility between the travel agent and traveller regarding any issue or situation. We are only a marketplace for travel agents to provide them with sufficient traveller queries but after that we hold no authority or interference between both parties in any case.


We do not deal in any product or service to traveller except giving them a platform for telling us their travel needs and passing it to experienced travel agents. We are only liable to travel agent for providing him sufficient traveller queries in return of the payment made by the agent. In case when travel agent does feels that the queries are not appropriate or so, we take a time of 3 business days to relook on all queries sent and if there is any such replaceable query possible as per our policy then we replace those queries with new one for travel agents within those same 3 business days. It must be noted that if the queries mentioned by travel agent does not stands on our policy then we do not replace it.

Also, if the travel agent wants refund to his amount for queries, then if the request is right as per our policy, we carry on the whole process of checking, refund and transaction within 15-30 business days once we are sure about the genuineness of the request.

*Note: In the occasion we need to scratch off any things in travel agent’s request, the real credit to your account will rely on upon your banks handling time, which may be 7-15 days. In the event that you do not get a credit inside of this time, please check with your bank and let us know whether you confront any issues with the same.

Exchanges between Registered Members (Travel Agents) and Users (Travellers)

The said "Site" is an online stage for trading information and doing exchanges between the Registered Members (Travel Agents) and Users (Travellers). The mentioned “site" does not stands in favour of either the Users or Registered individuals. The said "Site" is not in charge of the quality, wellbeing, legitimateness of administrations offered by the Registered Members.

Clients and Registered Members are singularly in charge of the considerable number of terms and states of the exchanges led on, through or as a consequence of utilization of the said 'Site'.

If there should arise an occurrence of a question because of an exchange/transaction, Registered Members and in addition Users might not consider the said Website in charge of it. The two gatherings consent to discharge the said "Site" from all cases, requests, activities, procedures, expenses, costs and harms (counting without impediment any genuine, uncommon, coincidental or noteworthy harms) emerging out of or regarding such exchanges.


The said "Site" may alter, adjust, revise, or redesign this Agreement every once in a while with no former notice to Registered Members and User(s) and the corrected and restated terms and states of utilization should be taking effect right now on posting. In the event that Registered Members and User(s) don't hold fast to the progressions, they must quit utilizing the administrations of the said 'Site'. Constant utilization of the administrations will mean the acknowledgment of the changed terms and states of utilization.

Dear Travel Agents,

our replacement policy in case of any FAKE query:

Either Switched-off/Booked from other agent/Not done/Not Interested/POSTPONED

You are suggested to send these types of inquiries within 3 hours from sending time. As the active travel agent may work on the query and the people who work later may not get the results.

This Is To Inform You That We Will Replace Leads Only In The Below Conditions:

We Don't Replace A Lead If:

The traveller POSTPONED or Does not PICK you call or CANCELLED the tour program after getting first communication from your side.

Replacement Policy

We provide genuine customers only and do not take any guarantee that the traveller will book the package from you as there are so many factors responsible for make a booking, So, we are unable to replace these kind of queries since the traveller has agreed to you also that he want a tour package and you had also provided their desired package.

For ex.:-

  • 1. The traveller may cancel the package due to his budget problem.
  • 2. The traveller or any other in the family may suffer from health problem or any miss-happening/family function in the family.
  • 3. She/he or their kids may not get leaves for their holiday package.
  • 4. If they are two families going together then they may cancel the program if another family cancel the program.
  • 5. They may not be able to travel because of non-availability of train or air tickets.
  • 6. There are some travellers who book the package from 1 travel agent and do not pick up call from travel agents or tell them that their plan has been cancelled to avoid.

In all these cases, we do not hold any responsibility for replacing the queries or bringing the travellers to the agent. We are only a platform for travel agents to provide them with traveller’s queries and information. It is not our business to be liable anywhere for both parties except for traveller in the mentioned situations.

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